onsdag den 20. januar 2010

Pearls on hoops

I am really procratinating now... studying for a statistical exam next week, it is killing me slowly :); I have to defend our project and prepare myself for a question that range within our reserach methods syllabus (only 1300 ++ pages to remember). I have a hard time remembering all those statistical assumptions and test etc., but I really need to pass the exam, so I do not have to take it again when I am supposed to write my master thesis. To think that I am finished with my education late summer 2010... weee!

Anyway, in lack of a clear mind for studying, I made these hoops with some small 'brownish' pearls on them.

I really like the wire-effect and if I make another pair I will make the wire continue between each pearl. The first pearl look pale purple, but it is more pale brown.
Are you wearing hoops this season?

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