mandag den 18. januar 2010

Knitting 1#

I tried to work a little with the basics of knitting in the weekend, due to the fact, that it is one of the things I really want to master (or at least can make something decent out of).
And as many other things that I have learned by doing it, I started to look through tutorials/books of how to do it.
I started with the simple things, making the stitch's and knitting straight, just to get a feel of it. The result.... not that pretty, ended up with more stitches than I started with (wtf?) , but hopefully practice makes perfect (or at least better).
My first project is to make a little bow for a hair clip, a manageable project, I think.
Although I have many people around me that know how to knit and who would pleasantly teach me, this is the first time I can see any resulst of it. And I know I make mistaskes, but I learn in my own paste and hopefully I can learn something from the experienced people I know, when I have a problem!

What do you do, when you see something that you JUST want to make YOURSELF?

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