fredag den 22. januar 2010

Give-away 1#

As we want to spread the word about our blog we have decided to make our first Give-away.

The gifts

Mia will make a lovely pair of clay earrings in a colour of your own choice.

Ditte will make a Josephine knot bracelet with black leather cord, fitted to your size.

Participation rules:

1. lot: Become a follwer at our blog: Prees the "Follow button" in the right column. (If you do not have a google account, but still reads our blog, please write a comment in this post in order to participate)

2. lot: Post this giwe-away on your own blog, please leave a comment in this post if you do so.

The give-away ends the 5th of february 2010, and using we will find a winner.

We hope our gifts are desirable!

5 kommentarer:

  1. I think that the give-away is a great idea and og course I hope that i will be the lucky winner because i just looove the things that the two of you make.

  2. jeg vil gerne være med på et lod.
    Kh. Malene

  3. Tusind tak :) Det var en dejlig overraskelse....har netop skrevet en mail til Ditte :)