mandag den 4. januar 2010

The difference between want and should !

Just a little hello from me, Ditte. I am studying for an exam at present time, therefore no creative post from me at the moment. However I was just reading about multiple selves in decision making processes and how human beings have internal conflicts between what they want to do and what they think they should do, which indicates that humans have a want self and a should self….

That pretty much describes my situation at the moment:

I want to start new creative projects such as:

Learn how to crochet (by learn by doing…. Family members have already tried various times)

Make new necklaces

Make felt birds


But I should:

Read the 2000 (or something like that) pages syllabus for my Economic Psychology exam

Prepare for the (VERY EVIL) multiple choice test I will be presented with in the exam situation

Prepare for the case I will be presented with in the exam situation


Hopefully bringing some news after Friday :P





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  1. Best wishes for a clear mind and perfect recall when you take your exam :-)