torsdag den 3. december 2009

Wool balls on a necklace

Talking about colour-spalsh yesterday, today I made this necklace:

The form is not quite as I wanted it to be, but it is very hard to rearrange them (or at least for me and my big fingers after you have put 10 balls of so together) when you have finished. It is a very different piece of jewelry!

I started to pull a headpin through each wool ball; this demanded some strenght in my hand and I am a bit sore now. Then I made a loop so I could connect my wool balls with my jump rings. Here you have to be patient, if you like me have some trouble reaching in to the jump rings.

Perhaps there is a better and easier way to connect the wool balls with each other, beacause it takes some time.

In my first 'draft' for this piece, I had made the wool ball myself, but they did not end up as pretty as I wanted them to be, therefore I bought some, which was cheaper if I wanted to make them myself in the same colours.

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