fredag den 25. december 2009

Braided scarf

My sister and I went to her local charity shop and I found a duvet cover that looked like Liberty fabric, with small flowers on it, in a pale pink/purple colour. First I thought that Mivs should make me yet another scarf... love them. But then I remembered an idea which I saw here. I could make a braided scarf!
I started to cut the fabric into shreds

And then I braided these shreds into a four-braid (you can just as well make it in a three-braid)

I hade enough fabric to make 3 (x4 shreds) braided fabric ropes.

And I put them together, some needlework was needed (My sister ws the guinea pig model)

And the finished result was this. Only costed me the fabric (which was $2) and some thread. I could have made it more 'finished' if my sewing machine was in order, as you can see some of the threads from the fabric.

I think I will have to stop making things in purple now. I was so lucky to get a purple coloured soft shell jacket for christmas and spending time with my sister,who also loves purple and also have a purple jacket made us look like two old 'purple' ladies :D.

2 kommentarer:

  1. That is really nice Ditte! You've given me an idea about what to do with an old Saree I have that I cannot wear anymore. Thank you :-)

  2. Your welcome, nice that old 'fabric' can come into new use ;)