lørdag den 19. december 2009

Hairband and hair clip

Today I had the time to make differnt projects - other than written ones (Hurrayyy). I will show some of them today and others will appear through the christmas holiday as I am going away, which reminds me that I have to start packing....

I have made some items, that is going to help me control my very big and curly hair.

Hair clip
I am quite satisfied with this hair clip. Only glued a piece of flat braided leather 'look' ribbon on it and a metal button, which I found in a bag that I had forgotten all about, nice surprice.

I have put black ribbon on the 'band' and glued 3 metal buttons on it. I really love the look of the buttons, specially after I polished them. The 'glue-gun' and I are not friends at all, although you cannot ... But the result is good enough for my own everyday use.

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