lørdag den 5. december 2009

Rubber twisted bracelet

I ordered some rubber cord the other day together with some coloured leather cord. I wanted to make a rubber bracelet I saw in a magazine. I was however, a little bit corcerned how I could make the rubber cord stick, without glueing too much (Glue and I are not always best friends). The idea was to twist the rubber cord around another piece of cord (I used a 4-5mm leather cord). The rubber cord was hollow, so it laid itself flat as I twisted it around the leather cord and I finished with a dot of glue in the ends. I also triede with a 2mm bronce leather cord on the other leather cord, but the result was not as god as with the rubber. In order to make it work with e leather I had to use much more glue.

Left; a bronce twisted leather bracelet, right; a rubber twisted bracelet.

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