mandag den 28. december 2009

Dansk Smykkekunst

Dansk Smykkekunst is a Danish company that sell beautiful and affordable jewelry in many different designs. I had wished for two pieces from the Fall/Winter collection 09 and was so lucky that my boyfriend had given them to me as his Christmas gift.

I normally do not wear big necklaces, but this is just so cool and bring forward a lot of colour.

The bracelet is just so pretty and have lovely 'curves' that I relly like.

You can take a look on Dansk Smykkekunst's Spring/Summer collection 2010 which is going into stores/dealers in January 2010.

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  1. Hi there! Thanks for visiting abeadaday! I have really enjoyed reading your blog!! Love all of your work from the hair clip to the zipper bangle and the theatre bracelet. Also LOVE those pieces that were on your wishlist, you are lucky!! :)

  2. Great pressies!
    Wishing you all the best for 2010! x

  3. Hey Lisa, I know I am lucky and thanks for credits, hope you will visit our blog again :D Like reading your blog, gives inspiration to materials and new projects.

    Also a Happy new year to you Torie

  4. This bracelet is SO amazing!