fredag den 11. december 2009

Scheduled procratinations... hmmm

I am a bit busy at the moment (as all other students) with projects, exams and preperations for my master thesis. Although I want to do some of my creative projects, I have to focus on my study. However, at the moment I just have so many different things I want to try to make and you know it is hard to keep your hands from these. So I have to schedule my small projects :) But I suppose that it is not different from other people who have similar project.

Tonight I will spend the evening making differnt bracelets and earrings that people have ordered, so they can have them before christmas :). My grandmother recieved the 5 bracelets that I have made for her to give to some children, she was just so happy and appreciative that I had spend time to make them. And what makes my grandmother happy makes me happy too. Hopefully I will make some more people happy with the results of tonights labour!

I have a little project with my Kumihimo disk, hopefully it will turn out well!
Looking forward to have more time to experiment with colour, patterns and material on the Kumihimo disk. Perhaps I will get one of the books that I have wished for christmas, who knows!

What is your next project?

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