mandag den 14. december 2009


When making jewelry you often need some material. The questions is, is it going to be something you can afford (as in student prices) or is it something where the quality is really good and therefore often more expensive. On one side I am most often practicing doing different jewelry pieces and sometimes the result is not something that is worth selling and therefore not worthwile speding a lot of money on, but on the other side, when I do make a piece that is good looking I also want it to in a decent quality standard.
The danish shops that deliver jewelry making items are sometimes a bit pricy after my oppinion (although when I go to one, I often find my hands full of new items), so that was why I tried to do some shopping on Etzy. There are really many suppliers of various jewelry making items (and much much more) and you can make some good bargiens (incl. shipping) if you know the prices from your local store and you know what you are looking fore I think I have done some good deals there, although I have also tried to recieve some things that did not correspond with the quality I exected it to be - lesson learned.
It is vey easy to shop on Etzy, perhaps too easy if you have a paypal account . I often find myself putting various items in my basket (although sometimes I will remove the items again). Now I just need to be patient and learn how to find the right size chain!

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